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Motorhome Hire Holiday Is a Great Way to Stay Overnight in Australia

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Each night you need to decide where to stay. With a campervan you have different options which can include a holiday park the motorhome at nights and a holiday park is the recommended place to stay.

The motorhome hirer has the choice of a wide variety of holiday parks; catering to almost every need. There are 2 major chains of holiday parks in Australia; Top Tourist Holiday Parks and Big4 Holiday Parks. In additional there are many independent holiday parks and campgrounds that may be operated by local town councils or state National Parks authorities.

Top Tourist Holiday Parks have 190 parks operating under their banner and Big4 Holiday Parks have 170 parks, both spread throughout every state in Australia.

An example of this choice is displayed in the popular tourist destination of South West Rocks in New South Wales. Although the town is quite small in permanent population the travelling tourist is well catered for with 4 holiday parks and camp grounds

There is a park operated by the Big4 chain, one operated by the Top Tourist chain, one operated by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service, one operated by the local Kempsey Council. Each provides powered sites for motorhomes along with other facilities and each has a unique character and locality.

To assist in locating a park the Big4 website allows users to select from a map based navigation and will display all parks in each state in Australia. The Top Tourist website also has a feature search where ‘motorhome’ or ‘powered site’ can be selected to display only parks with the selected facilities.

When booking a site at a holiday park you need to keep in mind what your needs are. Are you travelling with children? What facilities do you require? Does the park offer security for peace of mind?

Many people hiring a motorhome will be families with children so check out what the holiday park has to offer them before you make a booking. Most holiday parks offer a range of facilities just for the kids: swimming pools, mini golf, tennis and basketball courts, toddler pools and safe and secure playgrounds.

During the summer holiday periods many parks now offer Kid’s Club Activities with games, movies, face-painting – all sorts of activities to amuse the kids and give the parents a well-earned break. Many parks now put together package deals where the kids can enjoy Kids Club activities and extras such as movie tickets or ten-pin bowling games, while Mum and Dad can enjoy a massage or a relaxing dinner.

Ask, when making a reservation, what packages may be available for you. It’s also a good idea to find out if the park has a recreation/games room for the kids to escape to in the event of wet weather. Park reception should be able to assist you with hiring a range of items especially for babies and toddlers: port-a-cots, baby baths and high chairs.

Holiday parks offer a huge range of facilities from the very basic camp kitchen to luxury resort-style swimming pools. You need to choose a park that will suit your needs so that you don’t find yourself paying for facilities you have no intention of using.

The facilities you should expect to find, and will need if undertaking a motorhome hire, are powered sites on level ground, sewage dump point, sullage point for grey water removal, camp kitchen, BBQ facilities and laundry facilities. Some added extras that are becoming more and more standard are internet facilities, spa, bike hire, gas refills, and ensuite sites for a little extra privacy.

Many motorhomes available for hire are quite large. If you are new to driving a larger vehicle it is also a good idea to ask about booking a drive-through site which makes it much easier for you to park.

Park reception should be able to assist you with a range of current local information such as maps and itinerary suggestions and many will be only too happy to help you with booking a restaurant or a tour.

Many holiday parks offer some security with boom gates and some even have night-time security patrols. But for complete peace of mind, always lock away any belongings overnight or when you are away from your camp. Remember – you may be on holidays, but thieves aren’t.

When choosing a location, keep in mind what your needs are and what you plan to do. If you plan to park your vehicle and use it as a base, the park will need to be conveniently located within walking distance of shops, restaurants, public transport, beaches, etc. You might want seclusion and peace so a bushland setting with quiet, shady sites might be more suited for you. Or you might be planning a week of fishing and a park alongside the river or beach might be ideal.

Whatever your needs there is a holiday park out there that will enhance your enjoyment of your motorhome hire holiday.

Finding Cheap Car Rental

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Some other ways to find a cheap car rental rates are to look online with the different various rental companies or to call rental car companies where you are going. You can find these by calling the rental car companies or to call the different airports and ask about where to get the best rental car rates. You can check into these rates and compare them to the online rates that you find and you can work towards getting the best rates that are possible. If you do this finding a cheap rental car rate is definitely possible and something that you can do with ease. There are also a number of things that you should look for when looking into finding a cheap car rental rate.

When looking into the different various issues of car rental rate there are several things that you will want to consider prior to doing your search. You will want to consider what type of car that you want and how you are going to be able to manage that type of car as well as what you will be using your vehicle for. Remember that being flexible with the type of car that you want there is something that you will need to do. This means that you should be able to think about how things are going. Further there are some things that you will want to check on. Basically by understanding that there are a lot of things that should be considered and thought about from the beginning you can get a cheap car rental rate.

When looking online the first thing that you will want to do is to check out several different travel websites to get the best rates. Then you will want to check out the company itself and see if the rate is better without the overhead that the travel websites sell. Sometimes the actual company might have better rates and yet other times the travel websites will have better rates. You can also call the car rental company that you would be using at the location and give them the best rate that you found and see if they would beat that rate. Remember that getting a cheap car rental rate is something that should be easy for you and not something that you should have to work too hard.

Some of the best auto rental companies in the world can provide you with a great resource for vacation destinations. Some rental car companies may charge a small fee for different pick-up and drop-off locations. There are many different car rental agencies that offer many different models of cars. However if you need the car delivered anywhere within the city just let us know and we will deliver it to you. However if you own a car yourself than the insurance for your car often carries over towards a rental car.

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