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Cruise Travel Trends

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Cruise lines have their own distinct personalities and ships that reflect them, but there are some definite trends that are spreading across the fleets within the cruise industry.

More homeport cruising

Being able to drive to a cruise offers great convenience, not to mention tremendous cost savings by not having to buy airline tickets. All total, there are some 30 close-to-home departures in the United States and Canada. With so many ships in these close-in markets, in 2010 the competition for your cruise dollar will be fierce.

Bigger cruise ships

Cruise lines have gotten the message from travelers and they are delivering more for 2010 – more space, more options, and more fun on the largest cruise ships ever to hit the high seas. Larger ships mean a wider variety of features and amenities from which to choose.

Cruise ship makeovers

The refurbishment of the older ships makes sense for cruise lines, since most aren’t investing huge sums of money to build newer vessels. By “remodeling” what they already own they can add all of the features of the new ‘mega-builds’, which many cruisers appreciate. Older ships are emerging from their new makeovers with new balconies, improved pool areas, updated children and teen areas, more dining venues, and larger spa facilities.

Greener cruise ships

Cruise lines are taking advantage of the latest environmental technology to reduce their carbon footprint. A number of lines have launched initiatives including advanced wastewater purification, shore power, LED lighting, solar power and products made from recycled materials.

More adults-only areas

A number of cruise lines are increasingly catering to passengers seeking al fresco tranquility with the introduction of quiet, adults-only areas on their ships. These areas are usually in quieter parts of the ship and offer relaxation with abundant plush loungers and access to spa treatments, Jacuzzis and bar service.

More enrichment

Cruise lines continue to offer more and more sophisticated programming. Many cruise lines offer informative shipboard talks by famous lecturers on a variety of topics. Additionally, a number of premium and luxury cruise lines also invite arts and culture specialists to lead educational programs. Lectures aside, there are abundant enrichment offerings onboard and the list of options keeps getting bigger. Cruise travelers can take classes in languages, cooking, Web design, advanced digital photography, art history, maritime history, calligraphy, even pottery. There are even active enrichment programs like dance classes and theater.

More theme cruises

Are you a baseball fanatic, into politics, crazy about rock or jazz music? Believe it or not, you can indulge these passions – and a host of others – on a cruise vacation. Theme cruises are growing in popularity as they provide an entertaining and enriching venue for guests sharing the same interests. Best of all, the shared exuberance fosters an easy spirit of camaraderie, making for a great cruise vacation and sometimes lifelong friendships.

More wellness options

Cruise lines are chasing the fitness trend and have incorporated more comprehensive fitness options into their shipboard offerings, including larger pools, and gyms with state-of-the-art equipment that offer popular workout programs like aerobics, Pilates, circuit training and yoga.

Of course all the activities are balanced by the total relaxation guests find in modern shipboard spas. New indulgences include such treatments as an bamboo massage, Thai poultice massage, exotic coconut rub, body wraps, and acupuncture, to name a few. These are just some of the many therapeutic options available should you wish to turn your cruise vacation into a complete health makeover at sea.

More epicurean delights

While the typical cruise ship remains a vessel of culinary indulgence fueled by 24/7 buffets, pizza stands, and ice cream parlors around every corner, many cruise lines have added more gourmet fare for the more sophisticated palate. Most lines offer alternative dining venues where, for an additional fee, guests can indulge in premium fare with many of the menus designed by famous chefs.

With all the new ships, new onboard amenities, educational, health, exercise, and epicurean offerings it’s clear that cruise lines are working hard to make the cruise vacation experience the best it can be. And, that will surely make guests want to come back for more.

Cruise Travel Business Opportunities

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

The increased use of computers and e-commerce are changing business operations. This is mainly true within the travel industry. The travel industry encompasses several different businesses. These include travel agencies and franchises, online travel agent franchises and cruise franchises.

In the cruise travel market, cruise lines are launching expansion ventures to new places. This makes it very difficult to operate numerous centers simultaneously. Cruise travel business opportunities are comprised of a variety of concepts that prove to be feasible and profitable business opportunities for many. Advertisements are placed in newspapers, the yellow pages and on the Internet. They include vending offerings, home-based opportunities, cruise franchises and other travel business services.

It is very profitable to be a cruise travel agent. People can earn money by working from home or from their present place of business. Many home-based travel agents offer the same perks and benefits as store- front travel agencies. There are a number of companies who offer training seminars on cruise ships and vacation resorts all over the world, at reasonable costs. It is also possible for people to obtain training online. The companies provide comprehensive programs with the know-how, training and the tools that are required by a potential agent to succeed in the industry. Parent cruise companies offer first hand training, to uphold an already established business pattern and maintain uniformity in various smaller centers.

Cruise travel business opportunities offer the means to earn without managing any stock or personal selling. They do not involve learning complicated technical information and require a small upfront investment. Regardless of whether individuals are looking for a way to increase their income on a part-time basis, or hoping for a full-time business opportunity, cruise travel helps individuals to build an independent business under the guidance of the parent cruise travel group.