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Boutique Hotel Bangkok

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Bangkok is a city certainly well known for its high quality budget hotels with excellent affordable rates. But after the recent government protests which as ceased for now – hotels in Bangkok whether budget or luxury have begun to drastically reduce room rates even more. As a result now is the best time to find hotel deals especially for hotels in the budget range.There is definitely no shortage of hotels in Bangkok. Whether you are on a budget or can afford to splurge, consider staying at one of Bangkok’s many new boutique hotels opening up everywhere overnight.

Just what is a boutique hotel in Bangkok exactly?

A hotel in the boutique class are small though the rooms are quite spacious. Most of these hotels have fewer than 20 rooms, though there are a few with at least 50. But the distinguishing factor between a boutique hotel and a mainstream hotel is the emphasis on hospitality. Since boutique hotels are smaller in stature guests can expect to feel more personal service. Though don’t expect to be pampered as if you are in a 5 star luxury hotel.

Many of these hotels are operated and run solely by Thais. So the room rates are very affordable and are considered in the budget range. And since most of the boutique hotels in Bangkok have just opened recently the property itself is in excellent conditions.

You can find many boutique hotels in central Bangkok such as:

* Bedrooms Boutique Hotel
* Sacha’s Hotel Uno
* Paradiso Boutique Suites

All of the hotels mentioned above are near a BTS Sky Train station so that most of the major shopping destinations and attractions can be reached easily and quickly.

And if central Bangkok is too hectic and noisy for you then head up just a little bit towards the northeast to Khao San Road.

This quiet little neck of the woods is not far from central Bangkok. Though Khao San road is a popular backpacker’s den in the recent years many hotels have sprouted up:

* Navalai River Resort
* Boonsiri Inn
* Buddy Lodge

Finally, which ever hotel you are planning to stay in here is one really good money-saving tip. It is best to reserve your room through a licensed hotel booking agency that is based in Bangkok. Such agencies are in a better position of acquiring better discounted room rates since they are contracted as wholesalers with hotels throughout Bangkok, so you can expect to receive 20% to 40% off.

Praya Palazzo is a stylish 17-room mansion with a rich historical background that offers a unique experience for the discerning travelers. Dating back to the ancient kingdom of Siam, the mansion is situated in the heart of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, one of the most significant rivers in Thailand. Ideal for travelers who want to relax while enjoying city life in the oldest part of Bangkok, Praya Palazzo is in walking distance to many historical sites and attractions such as The Grand Palace, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn), Chinatown, The National Museum, and Kao San Road just to name a few. Praya Palazzo brings back the sense and lifestyle of the King Rama V period, conveying authentic Thai culture through vision, taste, scent, rhyme and touch.

Hotel Reservation Software and How to Grow Your Business

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

When you are talking about tourism, then the most important part of it is the place where the tourists need to stay. In this case, the most common answer that will come from most of the tourists is the hotels.Hotel reservation software is not just for automation any more. With more and more competition, hotels are constantly under stress to deliver whatever the customer expects. They need to provide quality services at lower costs. Believe it or not, all that can be achieved with the appropriate software or at least part of it.

The first advantage is that it frees up more people, who can concentrate on supporting the customers or potential clients, while the software takes care of calculation of payments and maintaining the accounts. The software database is one great way to store all relevant details of every customer. Details of the rooms in the hotel too can be constantly updated which means there are immediate answers available to give to queries thus avoiding minutes of wasted time through manual tracking.

The software can be used to create a customer profile which can be mapped with the preferences and requests made by a customer. The profile helps hotel management to keep in touch with customers. By providing all the amenities a customer wants, the second time around without specific request, the hotels can show their appreciation for the customer’s business thereby forging a future relationship. Successful hotel chains around the world do well not because of more clients but because of more business from old clients. The reservation software is definitely a great way of going ahead with that purpose.

The software can come in really handy to find out booking patterns of various regular customers, which will help hotels prepare for the requirements in advance. Also the customer profiles can be exchanged between various hotels of a chain, so the customers always get the service he starts to expect wherever they go.

Another great advantage of the [hotel reservation software] is the opportunity to identify trends in customers. Finding out patterns and statistics like month wise break up of number of customers and requests for rooms, or how many rooms were left vacant during various seasons will be very easy. This could be done instantaneously for management reports and high level presentations saving lot of manual time and avoiding errors which may prove dear. Identifying the trends could help hotels improve by eliminating things which are not required or seldom requested and installing new facilities that are in much demand and often requested by many customers. After all in the hotel business, one constantly needs to get better and stagnation leads to loss of business.