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Cheapest Online Booking of Rome Hotels

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Rome is one of the oldest and certainly the most eventful city of the world. The tourists are attracted to Rome due to the plethora of historical sites in the city. The biggest church in the world St Peter Basilica is a major objective of the tourists. The Colosseum has fascinated the visitors to Rome from time immortal due to its architecture. The gladiators fought in the Colosseum and the visitors used to watch the fights in the building. The Trevi fountain is a beautiful and most famous fountain of Rome and perhaps of the whole world.

Rome has lots of different types of hotels. There are Apartment hotels, Guest houses, Town house suites and farmhouses available for the tourists. Rome hotels are available in plenty of places. There are also Bed and Breakfasts and hotels with rankings ranging from 1 star to 5 star hotels in Rome. Discount hotels in Rome should not be underestimated because of their names.

The facilities offered by them are mind boggling and range from tours of the city, Limousine services, staff members who have mastery of more then one language, mini bars twenty four desk services. If you want to live in privacy and feel at home in Rome then you must stay in the farm house of the city. These farm houses are self contained and room services and other services are not provided.

The prices charged by Cheap Rome hotels vary, a minimum of 35 pounds is charged. The price depends upon the hotel, its location and the facilities which a tourist is interested in availing. Tourists by booking cheap hotels in Rome online can save up to 80 % of the room rent. The price of a hotel in Rome mostly depends upon its location, the more central a location more the price charged by the Hotel.

Hotel Online Booking

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Hotel online booking websites run by online travel agents and the hotels themselves nowadays provide an easy solution for travelers to source for their ideal hotel and compare prices and facilities among different hotels with just a click of the mouse from the comfort of their own home. They provide a convenient and efficient solution for you to make informed decisions about which hotel to book based on your specific preferences and budget, even if you are looking for a hotel at the last minute. There are many benefits of booking hotels online, and we shall examine the different booking channels that reap these benefits.

Traditional hotel booking channels and how things have changed

There is a stark contrast between the common hotel booking procedures before and after the advent of these online booking websites. In the past, travelers had to either place their booking directly with the hotel or via a travel agent by writing, telephoning or visiting their office in person. This method was slow and tedious and the travelers had to give them more time to get back to them with more information.

However, now the online channel is much faster and efficient as all the information about the hotels, their facilities, rooms, location and images are readily available for viewing on these online booking websites. Furthermore, feedback and reviews can be exchanged much more readily with the comments function enabled on these websites, as well as on travel forums.

In addition, the booking engines that allow one to place his booking directly on these websites with an online credit card payment system makes the booking process much more efficient than before. Hence the turnaround time span for making a hotel booking has shortened dramatically.

Another benefit that guests who book their hotels online stand to gain is the ability to make last minute bookings in a convenient manner and as a result, enjoy the price rebates that hotels may implement to fill up these rooms.

Online travel agents – aggregators of useful hotel information

Online travel agents are a common and popular channel which travelers can place their hotel booking with, as these agents have access to a large database of information about the different hotel chains. This makes it easier for travelers to compare facilities, services and prices among different hotels. Multiple online agents can draw on this database to provide accurate room availability and rates to guests who book online. This in effect results in a comprehensive compilation of detailed information about different hotels that travelers can easily access when they visit these websites. This also generates increased competition among the online travel agents which might negotiate with the hotels for special rates to attract customers to book their hotels through their site and not others.

Booking directly on hotel websites – direct marketing to the consumer

An increasing number of hotel chains, especially the larger ones, are allowing guests to book directly on their websites which have attached booking engines, thus marketing their rooms, facilities and services directly to the consumer. There is also the opportunity for the hotel to incorporate its corporate identity and style into the design of its website to create a stronger online presence, impress new guests and reinforce loyalty, which cannot be done if they are just one of many hotels featured on an online travel agents’ website.

The main advantages of booking directly with these websites are allowing the hotel to implement its full cancellation policy, not requiring guests to place a deposit in most cases and not imposing an additional booking fee which might be charged by online travel agents.

Tips and recommendation for booking hotels online

The widespread proliferation of hotel online booking websites can present a tough choice if you are looking for a starting point to make your online bookings. There are many such websites out there but you should look for one that provides reliable and accurate information, is easy to use and has a secure online payment system, key attributes that not all booking websites may possess.