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Electronic Appliances

Travel adapters, modems, digital convertors, and other accessories for travellers.
Luggage, laptop, computer, and camera cases, luggage locks, straps, and more.
Hong Kong. Design and manufacture of collections of bags and back packs, from leather and textile materials. Also, CD cases and computer bags, camera holders and small goods.
Offers travel, golf, and cigar items and accessories, executive gifts, and more.
Makers of the FoamInShave razor and BrushEase toothbrush made especially for travellers.
Electricity converters and adaptors for use of North American appliances overseas.
Hong Kong. Manufacturers of computer and camera cases, bags, back packs and accessories.
Designs courier and laptop bags with plenty of compartments and pockets.
Offers PDA tools for travelers including calculator, converter for currencies, masses, temperature, and distance, and interactive guides of Paris, London, and New York.