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Frequent Travel Programs

Frequent flyer program.
Reward travel program from Air Canada.
Lets travelers buy and sell frequent flyer miles and other air awards. Specializing in First and Business class travel.
Provides program and account information, as well as special offers and other opportunities.
Frequent flyer program with over 30 world class partners.
Calculate points required for Qantas, Ansett, or FlyBuys.
Real estate referral service that offers frequent flyer miles when you buy or sell a house.
Buys and sells frequent flyer miles, air awards, and upgrades with a focus on discounted first and business class travel.
Buys and sells frequent flyer miles and airline award tickets.
Buys and sells frequent flyer airline miles and air awards.
International hotel frequent travel club.
Mileage plan members can earn Alaska Airlines frequent flyer miles by dining at participating restaurants found in the online directory.
Information on the program, including participants, awards, bonus offers, and more.
Earn points through everyday shopping.
Online community of frequent flyers exchanging knowledge and experience.
Annual event that allows consumers to rank airline and hotel programs from their own point of view.
Independent frequent flyer resource.
Brokering the transfer of frequent flyer miles and award tickets.
Features a weekly email newsletter with information on program promotions, special offers and travel industry updates.