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Religious Tours

Quests for vision, truth, and fire in Sedona, Arizona, including spiritual retreats, sacred places, gathering power tours, psychic soul reading and healing, shamanic counseling, and teachings.
Smaller spirit-centered sacred journeys for transformation and personal growth led by authors and teachers to sites around the world.
Yoga and walking in a French country location includes accommodation in private park.
Authentic experiences of the ancient Southwest, U.S. Journeys, retreats. Meet Native Americans, hear legends. See spectacular canyons, ancient ruins, sacred places.
Takes small groups on spiritual quests throughout the world, concentrating on the world of myth, symbols, yoga, indigenous cultures, healers and shamans, and more.
Tour guide for Egypt also offering teaching on healing power and meditation.
Providing a Taj Mahal and Hemkund Sahib tour.
With Beth Rigby, Kripalu Danskinetics and Yoga instructor.
Offers retreats for personal growth and ecotourism adventures focused on the spirituality and traditional medicine of hilltribes and indigenous people of the world.
Pilgrimages to India and Nepal.
Global adventures in personal renewal. Holistic fitness retreats including yoga, meditation, NIA, and pilates.
Offers first-hand experiences to explore sacred places of the world for greater personal transformation and empowerment.
Conscious and trance channel guide leads tours through Egypts sacred sites.
Sacred tours of Peru to bring spiritually open men and women of all ages to truly experience Machu Picchu, the Andes, and the Amazon.
Offering mind/body/spirit retreats with lodging and acitivites including pyramid trek, yoga, and meditation.
Transformational theme based tours and conferences to Egypt, England, Greece, Peru, Bali, Tibet and Israel. Travel with New Age Leaders to sacred sites around the world.
Tours include pilgrimages, Goddess tours, and more to destinations in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia Minor.
Energy/vibrational healer and spiritual teacher offers personal alternative healing.
Offering travelers an opportunity for spiritual awareness, cultural education, and deepened faith through pilgrimage tours.
Spiritual journeys to special locations around the world. Including Assisi, Italy; Bali, Indonesia; and Norway.